Astronomy & stargazing tour                       

An Astronomy safari or tour is a comprehensive stargazing activity for all. This activity includes an introduction to the night sky, stars and the Universe. It includes the guided use of telescopes for night sky observation of visible planets, the Moon, stars, galaxies, etc. Also, it includes sky orientation using constellations and detailed explanations by expert astronomy guides. While in La Palma, these astronomy tours are an ideal complement for visitors, taking advantage of La Palma being one of the best locations in the world for both professional and amateur astronomy. Our aim in and AstroLaPalma is that you have fun observing the sky and making it easy for you.

Look up and enjoy the sky as you have never seen it before!

Frequently Asked Questions
Steps for reservation

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  • Meeting point for all: Our office in Travesía de los Cancajos, 2, 38711, Los Cancajos (Hotel Las Olas building; not at reception). Breña Baja
  • Meeting time: as it reads on your ticket (it changes according to sunset time). Please be on time.
  • Site for the activity: it varies, it depends on weather conditions and altitude of clouds.
  • Spanish/ English
  • The duration of the tour 2 h.
  • Approx total duration of the tour taking into account driving time to the location for the activity: 4h
  • Adults: 27€ (without transport)
  • Children: 17€ (without transport)
  • Extra transport 12€.
  • We strongly advise customers to wear winter clothes & shoes even in summer and even if at sea level is hot.
  • Activity subject to weather conditions. Please see below.
  • Use of amateur telescopes
  • Qualified guides
  • Tickets are self-drive. If you would like transport being included, the service is optional. Please book a ticket with transport if required. For self-drive tickets, drivers are advise to have enough petrol (at least 1/3 of tank).
    • Ticket only valid for the date and name that appears on it.
    • Please be at the meeting point at least 10 mins before. Late arrivals may miss the activity (with no refund). Unless an incidence we will leave on time from meeting point.
    • Access to viewpoint. Self-drive customers or customers with transfer included will leave from the same meeting point in a convoy.
    • This activity is subject to weather conditions. In case of cancellations, we will communicate with you via mobile phone as soon as possible (sms message sent to the number you have provided us with). Occasionally, this can happen last minute. See cancellation policy below.
    • Cancellations: tours may be cancelled unexpectedly due to weather conditions: clouds, wind, high humidity. In the event of a cancellation, we first reschedule your tour date and if not possible we reimburse your tickets. We will not held responsible if you have your mobile phone off, if you have no signal or if your provider does not give you a good service in Spain. Please notice that our office is close at the time of the tour. Also, you may cancel up 24hrs prior to the tour, with a issuance cost of 20%. If you wish to cancel please email us at (we only accept cancellations via email). Later cancellation by customer/groups are non-refundable.
    • In case of changes due to weather we will communicate with you via phone (sms message).
    • We strongly advise customers to wear winter clothes & shoes even in summer and even if at sea level is hot.
    • Tours will take places preferably at viewpoints. However, at times, this is not possible for which we will find an alternative dark & safe site.
    • Our astronomy (night) activities do NOT take place at the Observatory at any time as it is close to the public at night. However, the Observatory in El Roque de Los Muchachos is open for visits during the day:


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Meeting Point

 Travesía de los Cancajos, 2, 38711 Breña Baja.

Meeting Time

It appears on your ticket. Please be on time. 


It changes according to sunset time.